A. Academic Advising

Faculty members are expected to be available to students to provide academic advice. Faculty members should be aware of curricular and degree requirements pertinent to their disciplines.

B. Office Hours

All faculty members must maintain regular and reasonably convenient office hours to answer questions from and to advise students. In addition, faculty members are expected to schedule individual appointments as needed. The schedule of office hours must be included in all course syllabi.

C. Registration

Faculty members may be required to assist in the registration process. Assignments of registration duties are made by departmental chairpersons and by academic deans or directors.

D. Advising Student Organizations

Student organizations are an important part of the co-curricular activities of The University of Alabama. They can contribute to the personal development of students within the context of the University’s teaching, research, and service missions. To the extent that they fulfill these missions, faculty are encouraged to support student organizations by serving as advisors, as guest speakers, and in other roles as appropriate. Faculty members serving as advisors to student organizations are campus security authorities under the Clery Act and are required to notify UAPD of any reports of crime they receive in their student organization advisor roles. More information is available from The University of Alabama Police Department.

E. Tutoring

Persons on the payroll of the University may not tutor a student of the University for compensation if they have any direct connection with the course in which the student desires tutoring.