A. Class Schedule

Normally, classes can be held only at the time and in the place specified in the schedule of classes. The only exceptions to this policy occur when the academic dean or designee approves a change in time and/or location and these changes are subsequently communicated to the appropriate offices.

B. Faculty Class Attendance

Faculty members are expected to conduct their classes as scheduled. A faculty member normally must receive prior approval from the department chairperson before missing or rescheduling classes. The faculty member must arrange for a suitable substitute for missed classroom time and must receive approval for such arrangements from the department chairperson prior to enacting the substitute plans.

C. Student Attendance

Students are expected to attend classes as scheduled. Attendance policies must be provided to each student at the beginning of the semester. These policies must allow for the possibility that students may experience difficulties beyond their control that can result in failure to attend class or failure to complete an assignment on time. See also Section V, D below. Students who may miss class due to observance of religious holidays should refer to the OAA Guidelines for Religious Holidays Observances; those who could miss class because of pregnancy-related issues should refer to the guidelines for Pregnant and Parenting Students; and those who might be absent due to issues related to a disability should refer to the Office of Disability Services.