Board of Trustees Rule 304 governs the rights and obligations of University personnel who seek or hold public office. The Rule recognizes the civil and political rights and responsibilities of University personnel and encourages them to fulfill their responsibilities as private citizens. The Rule prohibits the use, or appearance of use, of the University name or resources in support of a political campaign or organization and imposes two limitations on University personnel who expect to retain their connection with the University while holding public office. These limitations are:

  • The office held must not result in a conflict of interest with University responsibilities and duties; and
  • The duties of the office must not interfere with the person’s performance of University responsibilities and duties.

The Rule provides for the possibility of leave of absence without pay, subject to prior approval by the Chancellor, when there is a conflict of interest or when interference with the performance of University duties exists. Refer to Board of Trustees Rule 304 for the complete statement of policy and to the Employee Handbook section on Running for Public Office & Political Activities.