A. Class Records

Faculty members are expected to maintain grade records for all registered students. Faculty members may use systems of their choosing for keeping such records. The University expects each faculty member to leave all grade records with the department chairperson or dean at the end of employment at the University.

B. Student Records

The University’s policy on Confidentiality of Student Records is based on the statement of ethical principles of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers and in compliance with the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended (FERPA). Official student academic records are maintained in the Office of the University Registrar. Divisional and departmental offices also maintain some student educational information useful in academic counseling and advising. Each academic/business unit is responsible for securing protected information in accordance with the OIT Information Security Plan, University policy, FERPA, and other applicable laws. See the Office of the University Registrar’s website on Privacy Guidelines (FERPA) for additional training.

Student educational information is accessible through an electronic student records system to authorized school officials with a legitimate educational need for the information. Faculty, administrators, and staff dealing with student records are expected to know the University’s FERPA policy on Confidentiality of Student Records and to observe appropriate precautions when utilizing student information that is protected under FERPA (such as letters of recommendation, grade reports, protected information displayed on computer monitors, class rosters, etc.). In the event of an unauthorized disclosure of a student’s personally identifiable and/or educational information, the unit administrator must promptly notify the dean, the University Registrar, and the Chief Information Security Officer and provide details of the extent of the breach. Refer to the Educational Records (FERPA) section of the University’s Security Incident Response Plan.

In the absence of pending or potential litigation, faculty members should retain student records pursuant to the University Archives and Records Management program. Refer to the Employee Handbook for more information.

C. Reporting Grades

Grades are reported online through the myBama web portal. Complete information on grade reporting is available from the University Registrar.

D. Posting Grades

A faculty member who chooses to post grades must do so in a way that maintains student confidentiality as required by the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. Grades cannot be posted by social security number or in a list that is in alphabetical order; rather, the faculty member or department must devise a unique code for each student and must ensure its confidentiality.

E. Changing Grades

The assignment of course grades is a primary part of the academic responsibility of the faculty members to whom a course has been assigned. Changes in course grades are normally to be made only by such faculty member. Faculty members may change grades they have assigned only because of error in fact or error in judgment.

The faculty within a department or discipline may, following procedures adopted by that faculty, authorize the change of course grades when they believe a faculty member has failed to discharge his or her academic duties in a responsible manner, where there is an uncorrected error, or where other factors of equity and professional judgment persuade the faculty to take such an extraordinary step.

University policy may authorize other grade changes, such as the W, N, and I grading rules or the Academic Bankruptcy provisions.