A. Workload and Full-Time Equivalent

A full-time workload (one full-time equivalency or FTE) for a University of Alabama faculty member is twelve credits of teaching per semester combined with the other duties required by good service/academic citizenship. This normally translates into four, three-credit courses (0.20 FTE each) with the remaining 0.20 devoted to service. Remotely located faculty who have teaching responsibilities exclusively online (with no service/academic citizenship or other responsibilities) may be assigned up to five courses per semester only if stipulated in a letter of appointment. Negotiations between the chairperson and the faculty member can result in replacing part of the teaching component with time assigned to research or other activities that contribute to the mission of the University. For tenure-track/tenured faculty, teaching loads generally are reduced to allow for research. These variable teaching assignments are approved by the dean and, depending on the nature of the assignment, by the Provost. Faculty workloads are revisited annually to be responsive to needs of the units and the faculty members’ productivity and success in assigned areas. Faculty members on a reduced teaching component may have their teaching load increased incrementally by their dean, in consultation with the department chair, as applicable, if their research or other activities fail to meet the negotiated expectations. For example, a faculty member teaching two courses a semester who is consistently not performing to standards in research may have course load increased by one course per semester for the first year and then to the full twelve credits of teaching per semester in subsequent years. Faculty members consistently not performing to negotiated expectations in any area are also subject to progressive disciplinary action (Chapter 3, Sections II and III).

B. University Convocations

Faculty members are encouraged to participate in the commencement exercises in appropriate academic regalia, which can be borrowed or rented through University programs (see Faculty Senate Programs). Faculty members are encouraged to attend other University convocations, such as the President’s meetings with the University faculty, which take place periodically throughout the year.