A faculty exchange consists of an arrangement by which a faculty member from The University of Alabama exchanges duties for a stated period of time with a faculty member from another institution of higher education. The individual from the other institution must have credentials and competencies comparable to those of the individual from the University.

Any faculty member of the University on a faculty exchange remains on the payroll of the University for the period of the exchange and receives benefits as though continuing on assignment at the University. Exchange professors from other institutions must remain on the payrolls of their home institutions and must receive benefits from those institutions. Exchange professors from other institutions receive rights of usage of University facilities equivalent to those of regular faculty members.

A faculty member interested in arranging an exchange should consult with, and receive prior authorization from, the departmental chairperson or area head, and dean of the division, before beginning negotiations. After authorization is obtained, exchanges of vitae and other necessary materials can take place. Approval of the exchange, and of the arrangements proposed, depends on recommendations from the departmental chairperson or area head and the dean of the division, but the final decision is made by the Provost. The procedural arrangements at the other institution must result in authorization of the exchange by an appropriate official of that institution.

The University participates in a cooperative agreement for faculty exchange among certain Southern institutions and the Southern Regional Education Board. Faculty members wishing information about the institutions involved should contact the dean of the Graduate School.

Time spent on a faculty exchange is counted as University service for the purpose of considering tenure; it may be counted in determining eligibility for sabbatical leave, but prior approval for this arrangement must be obtained from the departmental chairperson or area head, the dean, and the Office for Academic Affairs.