All full-time, regular faculty members are subject to evaluations throughout their careers, since decisions must be made about matters such as salary increases and the assignment of time and support for research, teaching, service, and administration. The criteria and standards used in these evaluations shall be similar to those used in reviews for tenure and promotion, except that these continuing reviews shall concentrate on the question of whether the individual has maintained or improved the level of performance that justified hiring, earlier promotions, and/or tenure. The following procedures are designed to ensure that these evaluations are based on factual information, that the faculty member has a timely opportunity to discuss the evaluation, and that a written record will be available in case the faculty member chooses to contest the evaluation.

1. Each faculty member shall submit a written activities report for the year just completed to the departmental chairperson (or appropriate supervisory official in non-departmentalized units) during the spring semester.

2. Each faculty member shall have an opportunity to provide feedback (including meeting privately with the departmental chairperson or appropriate supervisory official, if desired) about the activities report, the annual performance assessment, and the type of duties to be assigned during the next year. This opportunity shall occur before the final annual performance evaluation is submitted and salary recommendations are made to the Office for Academic Affairs. It is the responsibility of the departmental chairperson to notify the faculty of the appropriate period for such a meeting.

3. At the faculty member’s request, the departmental chairperson (or appropriate supervisory official) shall provide a written statement comparing that faculty member’s performance to the criteria and standards described above and making recommendations for improvement prior to the next evaluation.