The University of Alabama encourages research activities by faculty members through several support programs for research.

A. Departmental Support

1. Reassigned Time

The University commits its resources to research activities by providing time for faculty members to engage in research that is not sponsored by outside funding agencies. Initial decisions on time to be reassigned from teaching to research take place at the departmental level. Deans have final say on any workload adjustments. The dean and the Provost receive regular reports on research productivity.

2. Expenses for Faculty Professional Travel

Subject to the availability of funds, the University may pay expenses of faculty members who participate in professional meetings as part of the meeting program. Prior arrangements for reimbursement for travel must be made with the UA official with budgetary authority over the funds. All faculty who travel on official University business are required to review and comply with all applicable University policies, including, but not limited to, UA’s Travel policies.

B. Divisional Support

Indirect cost reimbursement on sponsored contracts and grants is allocated to provide general support to enhance research programs and activities in the divisions and departments.

The equivalent of 40 percent of the indirect costs reimbursement paid by contracts and grants is distributed to academic divisions, departments or areas, and principle investigators. One-half of these monies goes to the division, one-fourth to the department or area, and one-fourth to the principal investigator to be used for purposes other than salary for the investigators. Each division sets policies for the use of these divisional and departmental funds consistent with University spending policies.

C. University Support

The support services listed below are supplemented in various ways when financial resources are available.

1. The Office for Research and Economic Development

The Office for Research and Economic Development offers assistance to faculty members in pursuing external sponsorship for research, instruction, and service programs.

2. Information Services

The University provides computing, network, and Internet services to faculty, staff, students, and the campus. The Faculty Resource Center provides hardware, software, training, emerging technology and accessibility services, and consulting services to faculty working on multimedia presentations, web pages, and classroom materials. Information on computing and network services and campus computing issues is available from the Office of Information Technology.

D. Research Grants Committee

The Office for Research and Economic Development supports and coordinates awards recommended by the Research Grants Committee. This faculty committee recommends grants for specific research projects proposed by faculty members. Normally, these projects emphasize worthwhile research for which little outside money exists or for which initial support may lead to outside funding. The grants support needed research components such as compensation for research workers and clerical assistance, expenses for research-related travel, operating expenses, equipment expenses, and summer stipends.