New discoveries and inventions sometimes result from research activities at the University. The University recognizes that it may be necessary to invoke the protection and control provided by patent and copyright laws. As a result, The Board of Trustees of The University of Alabama has, through its Board of Trustees Rule 509: Patent Policy, authorized the establishment of an Intellectual Property Committee and promulgated a Patent Policy. See Appendix G.

The University requires all faculty, staff, and students to sign an Intellectual Property Agreement (IPA) as a condition of employment.  The completion of the IPA is processed through the myBama portal of Banner Self-Service.

All faculty members and employees shall report any potentially patentable device, process, product, discovery, or invention at as early a stage of development as possible by completing a Confidential Invention Disclosure Form, which together with a copy of the procedures used in processing disclosures and patent applications is available from the Office for Technology Transfer. The disclosure form should be signed by the inventor(s) and two witnesses and then returned to the Office for Technology Transfer. All reports, correspondence, inquiries, and related information should accompany the disclosure form.