Each academic unit attempts to meet student needs by offering appropriate courses during the summer and interim terms. However, these programs depend on the availability of funds, enrollment projections, actual student demand, and programmatic needs of departments and divisions. Despite these limitations, efforts should be made to distribute teaching opportunities equitably among departmental faculty members.

The salary for teaching a three-hour course will be the lesser of 85 percent of the in-state tuition paid by the student or 7.5 percent of the professor’s academic-year (nine-month) base salary. A faculty member who wishes to teach a course with another faculty member should be advised that salary in this situation will be handled as Summer School salaries; that is, each professor will be paid a percentage of the salary that would be paid if the professor had taught the course alone. The percentage is dependent on the amount of the professor’s involvement in the course. In no case should the total involvement of the professor be more than 100 percent. In no case shall compensation for teaching any three-hour course exceed 7.5 percent of a professor’s academic-year base salary. For team-taught courses enrolling forty or more students, other compensation arrangements may be possible. These must be approved in advance by the Provost.

Each individual’s teaching assignment during one of the two terms normally is limited to six semester hours.